Thursday, December 28, 2006

(2) Dyersburg Tennessee lakefront properties

It has been a while since my last post but I wanted to update my readers on lakefront properties currently available here in the Dyersburg area. First of all, there has been no new listings at Lakewood and no changes that I am aware of on the few listings that are active at Lakewood.

There is however, two listings at the "Farms" that are waterfront that we need to discuss.

Both of these listings are on Fairway Drive and both have a very beautiful lake behind them.

This first listing is a home that my father-in-law and I built in 1999. We spared no expense and made sure that the view of the lake was maximized in every room. The address for this home is 2026 Fairway Drive. The heated sq feet(according to my blueprints) is 2715'. There are 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. We installed lots of ceramic tile and hardwood and very beautiful cabinets and vanities. The list price for this home is currently $239,900. I am very proud of this home and know whoever I sell it to will be very happy with the quality and lake view. When I was a little boy, I used to fish in this lake and I remember catching a 5 pound bass from this lake. It is still stocked with bream, bass and catfish.

The next listing is at 1978 Fairway. This home was built by an acquaintance of mine also in 1999. It is a 4 bedroom 2 bath home with a bedroom and bath upstairs. There is lots of light colored hardwood in this home and it too has a great view(both homes on waterfront lots)

This home is priced at $249,900.

Both of these are very nice homes but I have to say here that the home at 2026 Fairway is a great buy at $239,900. Just down this street in newer part of the "Farms", new homes are selling for over $100 a foot (heated area). If you are ready for a lakefront home in Tennessee,
call me at 731-589-7841 and we can get started.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My client missed 100 Oak Ridge house!!

Three weeks ago I was showing my Texas clients the home at 100 Oak Ridge in Lakewood(near Dyersburg,Tennessee). Their comments told me they really liked the house. They also discussed putting an offer on the house but decided this was their second pick. We did put an offer on another house(not in Lakewood) and negotiated a contract near the same price that the Oak Ridge house just closed at.
About a week ago we got a call from the listing agent that the seller has changed his mind about selling. My clients could continue to pursue this house but I believe they are ready to find another home. One of the first places we looked was in lakewood so I know they like the area.

Their price range is from $275,000 to $325,000. They are looking for 3-4 bedrooms and need an office and also a game room. The living square feet needs to be above 3000'. The husband really needs some kind of outbuilding or shop or at least have room to build one on the property.

They would like to be in a Dyersburg area or Lakewood home by the end of January. Now would be an excellent time to sell your home to this couple. I look forward to hearing from you homeowners who want to sell your home to this family. Call me asap on my cell phone 589-7841

Friday, December 08, 2006

lakefront property at Lakewood sold!

Just wanted to notify our readers that this property at 100 OakRidge road in Lakewood has sold. We featured this property in an earlier post. This property was a real buy at the list price of $279,900 but just sold for $275,000.

If this house got away from you, please call me as there are others who are thinking about listing their Lakewood home.

If you are a homeowner in Lakewood, please let us know if you want to sell your lakefront property. The demand is there and there will not be a better time to sell.

Also, the reason so many people are reading this blog is because the search term Tennessee lakefront properties searched on the search engines brings this blog up number one on MSN and number 7 on Google. We have many many repeat visitors who are looking for lakefront properties.

Monday, November 20, 2006

client looking for lakewood under $175,000

I have a client looking for a home with lake frontage priced at $175,000 or under. This client called about 205 Walnut but as you can see from an earlier post, that property is now sold. This is an out of state buyer who found this blog online and is following the activity at lakewood that we are posting here.

For all you lakewood homeowners reading this blog, I have a willing and able buyer for a Tennessee lake front property priced at $175,000 and under.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New lakewood listing!!!

First of all let me update you on a sale at Lakewood. I discussed earlier a home located at 205 Walnut that was priced at $164,900. The owner bought another house (our listing) then put this house on the market. It recently sold for $155,000. I believe this was low but he was a motivated seller.

Now for the new listing at Lakewood. Another company just recently listed the home at 447 Walnut Lane. This 4 bedroom,two and a half bath home has a detached two car garage(w/storage over it accessable by stairway)and a very nice kitchen. Also, there is a finished walk out basement. It has a great view(behind house) of the lake.

I showed this home over the week-end and I believe my clients really liked it. Guess what, I did too. This home has heated and cooled area of 2681 sq feet and total under roof of 3390 sq feet.(as per MLS).

Lakewood continues to be one of the most desirable locations for people moving to Tennessee from out of state. For more information about this listing or another lake access or lakefront home listing, please contact me at 731-589-7841 or toll free 800-896-8016.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New listing at Lakewood(waterfront community in Northwest Tennessee)

There is a new listing in Lakewood that is not lakefront but very nice. The home is located at 100 Oak Ridge Road in Lakewood(about 4-5 miles north of Dyersburg,Tn)

This home has 4 bedrooms and three baths. This home is 12 years old and features 3014 sq feet
of living space and also has an unfinished walk-out basement. Hardwood floors,indoor grill,workshop,gas logs,in-ground pool are just a few of the amenities.

Priced at just $279,900 this home is a real bargain. Call me to view this home.

Also wanted to update our readers about a price drop on another Lakewood home I wrote about back on 8/24/2006. The home located at 26 Chestnut Circle has dropped in price from $195,000 to $189,900.

Personally, this house is my favorite of all the properties currently for sale at Lakewood.

Monday, September 11, 2006

fishing at Lakewood

The small lake I fish in at Lakewood just had alot of fish die. If I am not mistaken, that is called turning over where there is not enough oxygen getting into the water. I believe this is caused by the lake being so small and not much fresh water getting into lake except rain runoff.

If any of the lakewood residents are reading this, would you please click on the comments and tell us if this has happened before and what exactly happened. Or if any of our other readers can shed some light on this please do. I will have to moderate the comments(this means I will just have to approve them as a lot of nuts try to put garbage in the comments)

I know the lake has had lots of moss on the top of the water over a large part of the lake and I am sure this also contributed to the "turning over". I have not noticed any of the other lakes out there doing this. Hopefully there are alot more fish left to fish for in this lake. I believe I will practice catch and release for awhile.

There are lots of beautiful Tennessee lakefront properties in Lakewood and I am proud to tell our readers about the area and what is going on.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New listing at lakewood and my clients from Wyoming?

There is a new listing at lakewood. This is a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home on a corner lot on 1.2 acres. This home has lake frontage and a small dock. The home is 2234' heated area and 2782' under roof. There is a wrap around deck, sun room, hardwood floors and much more. The price is $195,000. The address is 26 Chestnut Circle.

I showed this home and the Walnut property to my new clients from Wyoming. They own a 35' camper/trailer. They really need a place under roof for this camper. Both properties show really well and I predict both properties will not be on the market very long.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New lakefront property listed at Lakewood!!

Ok, for all you Florida people calling me here it is(first come first serve)

Address: 205 Walnut Lane Ext.
Dyersburg,Tennessee 38024

4br, 4+baths on 1.05 acres.(on the water)
House built in 1985.

New appliances, new kitchen countertops, water purifying system,boat dock, work shop area, etc.,etc.

3176 ' heated and cooled area 3798' total under roof including 2 car carport

price $164,900 (as you can see priced to sell so don't delay) If you want to hit my blackberry e-mail with questions or comments:

Monday, July 24, 2006

Very nice home(not lakefront) sold at auction!!

Just wanted to update the readers about a home on 1.3 acres that slipped into foreclosure and sold at auction. The property located at 20 Aspen Circle just sold at the foreclosure auction for
$189,225.07. This lakewood property was purchased by another realtor who saw the value there and jumped on the property.

Actually this property was listed 2-3 different times with the first and second times when sales were slow. The owners had moved out of state and decided to rent out the house to someone who said they were going to purchase the house. However, the potential purchasers credit went south and they were unable to purchase. Here they were renting the home and now the owners wanted to start showing it again to other potential purchasers. Needless to say, the renters at that point were not motivated to let house be shown. This is a very good example (Lakewood owners) not to rent your house out to someone who says they will buy later. Later never came!

The current tax appraisal on the property is $202,900 and actual value by my calculations is
$225,000-$232,000. The house is a two story with 3450 sq feet living area and has an attached 2 car garage and detached 2 car garage.

This realtor got a real deal indeed! Should the current Lakewood owners read anything into this? Just do not rent your house out to potential buyer and be an out of town landlord.

Values are still great and demand high. I talked to a realtor in southern Florida who has referrals for me if I can find the lakefront properties for her clients.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Lurking, fishing and lunkers!!!!

I would encourage you Lakewood residents to click on the comments tab and tell all the readers about living at Lakewood. I especially want to hear about your fishing experiences. When you click on the comments tab and leave your comment, it will come to me first to approve before it hits the blog. The reason for this is weirdo's will post trash in the comments section. I really want to know what it is like living in the Lakewood Community. Also, there are lots of readers who also want to hear from you residents.

I took a rather extensive online e-PRO class that had forums for the students to enter in information helpful to the other students. Many of us were lurkers(just readers only). Why was I was afraid to post my comments? I believe it was because this was new territory for me.

On line blogs are new territory for many of you. Please post any information that will be informative to our readers. Not only are people in Dyersburg Tennessee reading this blog but people across the country are also reading. When someone in Florida gets on MSN search engine and types in Tennessee Lakefront properties, our blog comes up #1.

I am planning on visiting some of my lakewood friends in the morning and see if I can catch a lunker bass or catfish. If they are not biting, I know where there is a bream bed full of big bluegill.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lot under contract and Florida people moving!!!

Just wanted to update my readers about a lot that I just put under a sales contract. My #4 lot pick- 1.83 acres on Oakridge is closing within 30 days from today. I will not be able to share the specifics until after closing.

Also, just an observation about Florida callers and Florida clients. The activity from the Florida folks has slowed down somewhat. I believe this is because the hurricanes have slowed down. I will make a prediction that lakefront activity from Florida customers will increase immediately following the next Florida hurricane. Hopefully this is a change in weather pattern and the hurricanes will significantly decrease in numbers and intensity.

If you are thinking of selling your home or lot in Lakewood, please call me to get the information on this blog. as you can see, there is not much for sale right now in Lakewood so your property would really stand out to our readers and potential buyers. E-mail me on my blackberry and I will get right back to you.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Listed Lots at lakewood!!

I want to discuss available listed lots at Lakewood. After an extensive search , I would like to list here from best to worse(my opinion as to the best value,buildability and suitability) of each lot. I will be giving the street that the lots are on and the map and parcel number. If you want to see the plat map for a particuliar lot, please call me or e-mail me and I will scan the plat map into an e-mail to you.

1. best listed lot available- Redwood Drive 1 acre listed at $19,900 map 062 parcel 24.66
2. next best listed lot available- OakRidge Ext 1 acre listed at $19,900 map 062 parcel 25.42
3. 3rd best lot available- Elm Lane(across street from our close friends (Wrights) 1 acre listed at $18,500 map 062 parcel 25.66
4. 1.83 acres on OakRidge(next to 698 OakRidge) $12,500 map 062 parcel 24.43
5. 1.2 acres on Beech Circle listed at $18,000 map 062 parcel 25.32

There may be another lot or so listed that I may have missed but these are my top picks.

I have also located a few unlisted lots that may also be available.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

lots available at Lakewood!!

In the next few days, I am going to post information about several lots at lakewood that are available to purchase. I found many of these while researching lots for one of my clients.

While the sale of homes at Lakewood has taken off, the sale of lots is still almost non existent for (I believe) 2 reasons. One, when the lots were purchased, the appraised value was high and the purchase price was also relatively high. For instance, a 1.5 acre lot would have been valued at $22,500 amd purchased for $21,900. That same lot today, if listed would probable sell for $16,000. The difference in those values would mainly be attributed to the cost of removing large trees from the property to get lot ready to build on. The second reason the lots are not selling is because(already alluded to) the lots are grown up and people can not see the "real lot" behind all the brush, undergrowth, and trees.

There is still some very nice lots remaining at Lakewood but most if not all will require alot of work cleaning up(and removing very large trees).

For you Florida people looking to relocate to waterfront property here in northwest Tennessee, come up here and let me show you these lots and introduce you to some contractors/builders that can in turn tell you the cost to get the lots ready to build on. Then let's purchase the lot and get your builder started on construction. Go home and put your property on the market and move up here into your "new lakefront home" !!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

people,clients and lots

Hello all,

I got a call yesterday to meet some clients at Lakewood to look at lots. I have a lot listed on
OakRidge near the house I just sold at 698 OakRidge. We also looked at an unlisted lot down the street right beside the Nichols family. This is the first time I have met this very nice couple. The Nichols were very cordial and helpful with information.

We then left and looked at another lot on Redwood Lane. They are trying to decide between the lot near 698 OakRidge and the lot on Redwood.

If any of you Lakewood(lot only) owners are reading this and want to sell your lot, please call me asap.

Also, I worked with a new client on Sunday who would have bought at Lakewood if we could have found a nice home for sale in Lakewood. The pickings are slim right now in Lakewood!!
Anyway, I sold this client a home in another part of the county.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

fishing and buying clients at Lakewood!!

Hope everyone had a great memorial day week-end. After having people over for lunch on Sunday, I met a new client and looked at some houses. After talking further with them, they too are wanting lakefront in Lakewood. They plan to move here from Illinois in next 2-3 months.

I also got another client today (online) who also wants lakefront. That makes 3 clients in last 5 days that want to live at lakewood. There has never been a better time to sell your home in lakewood.

My family and I also returned to "our fishing hole" at lakewood late Sunday afternoon. We caught about 30 of the biggest bluegill I have ever seen. We threw them back because it appears that the bream are spawning.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Thanks to all our veterans!!

I just wanted to thank all our veterans for serving our country. I too am a veteran and understand the sacrifices made by the fine men and women that served or are serving our country. I ran into a guy last night at a homeschools promotion ceremony who is here for a few days to visit his wife and kids(who live near Dyersburg,Tennessee). He is in the navy and getting ready to redeploy with a ship. I told him how much we as a nation appreciate the job he and others are doing to give us our freedom.

As we are fishing on the lake or lakes(Lakewood included) or cooking out with a barbecue, lets remember that we enjoy these privilages because of those who bought us this freedom.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Still another lakefront client!!!

Just wanted to update our readers about clients wanting in lakewood. This past week-end I drove my southern Alabama couple around to look at properties. I never was able to find them any houses(on the water at lakewood) to view. I guess all the residents in Lakewood are content to stay put as I would be also. We did however, find them a beaufiful home that they have made an offer for. This client is no longer in the market.

Also, just had a customer call (today) about one of the houses I just sold on the water. He asked me to offer that new owner $20,000 profit with a quick closing. This customer is serious about buying a nice home on the water at Lakewood. If you live in Lakewood and are considering selling, there may never be a better time to sell your property.

The current demand for lakefront properties in Lakewood reminds me of the first 3-4 years Lakewood was in existence. The prices were going up month by month and the lot sales were sizzling. Now, there is hardly any nice lots left to purchase and only 1 or 2 homes listed for sale.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lakefront listing needed immediately and great fishing at Lakewood!

I have my lakefront clients coming in on the 20th of this month and we need waterfront homes to view for possible purchase. If you live on the water or know someone that lives on the water who is thinking about selling their home, please call me immediately to set up a showing. It is true that I am looking for listings on the water but right now I am looking for lakefront homes to show my clients this weekend. If you would consider a 1 day listing in order for me to show your home this weekend, please call me at the office 285-2277 or on my cell 589-7841.

I also wanted to share with my readers about fishing at Lakewood this past Saturday afternoon. We have some very good friends James and Donna that I sold a home in lakewood to about 2 years ago. They live on Elm Lane on one of the smaller lakes. They just built a brand new fishing pier and have been asking us(my wife, myself and my two daughters) to come over and fish off the new dock. We picked up some worms and got over there about 4:30. I got the girls rigged up for crappie and bream and I then rigged up for bass.

As I fished with the plastic frog for bass, they started catching big bream. All three girls were catching them and I did not have time to fish as I was taking them off the hook. All these fish were coming out of the same 10' diameter area. I finally changed to fishing for bream also and got in on the fun. We had a great time and took home 21 really big bream(threw back several smaller ones).I cannot wait to go back and catch some more.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lakefront house wanted!!!

Today I had the opportunity to show a new client homes in and around Dyersburg. He originally is from Nashville and his wife from Crossville,Tennessee but they now reside and work in southern Alabama. We looked at several homes in "The Farms" and some out in the country. My client kept telling me he likes lakefront and his wife likes hills and mountains. The bells went off and we drove to Lakewood.

We drove around and looked at all the lakes and talked about what has sold recently.
After driving around several minutes in Lakewood, my client asked me to find he and his wife a lakefront home either at "The Farms" or in Lakewood. Currently, there is very little inventory of listed properties in either area. The Oak Ridge home that just sold would have been perfect for them. They are looking for living area of between 2500-3000' and they also want a basement. The other requirement is for a large kitchen and she would like double ovens.

My clients will return here in 30 days or less to look at additional homes I have found.If you live in Lakewood or at "The Farms" and your property is lakefront and you have been thinking of selling your home, this may well be your opportunity.

Monday, May 01, 2006

northwest Tennessee lakefront property sold!

Just wanted to update our readers about the property at 625 Oak Ridge Road in Lakewood. This property was only listed for a few days before a buyer came along and "snatched up" this great deal. It was listed for a price of $218,500 and sold for $218,500. Check back in a few days for new lakefront properties listings.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Possible new lakefront listing and moving trends"

I am excited about the possibility of listing a very nice 4 bedroom home on the water. This property is not in Lakewood but is in Dyer County and the view is incredible.
This property will be exactly what many of you coastal people are looking for.
Please check back here for this listing sometime in the first 5 days in May.

Also, I wanted to post a link over on the side of this blog that is an article posted on a national site that addresses very well what I have been saying about coastal people moving to Tennessee. This link will be titled "Coastal people moving to Tennessee". In the article a statement is made about "halfbacks" That is the same statement a Florida realtor made on one of my earlier posts on this blog.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lakewood update and new listing!!

Just wanted to update this blog with the new listing today on the water and the sale of 60 Juniper Circle. Juniper Circle closed sale today at $128,500(with owners paying part of the buyers closing costs) . Remember this home has living area of 1600'. That is a sold price per sq ft heated area of $80.31. Prices are going up!!

Now for the house just listed on the water at Lakewood. This home is a 4 bedroom, 4+ bath home with basement built in 1992. This beautiful home sits on 1.2 acres. Amenities include a fireplace,large jet tub, 2 decks, lake frontage and of course a great view of the lake. This home is priced at just $218,500 which is a price of $50.58 per sq ft heated area. This is just what you Florida people have been asking for so first come first serve!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lakewood house wanted!

My client "Tina" is looking for a home in Lakewood area somewhere around $150,000.
She hopes to get at least a home with a view of the lake. If any of you Lakewood residents are reading this are are ready to sell, call Mike today at 589-7841.

Remember also my Florida clients wanting mainly lakefront properties up to $300,000.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lakewood sales!!!

A couple of home sales closed yesterday. The 4 bedroom 3 bath home located at 785 Oak Ridge road finally closed sale yesterday. This property was on the market for over a year with 3 different companies. The purchase price was $200,000. The owner had moved and really neglected the property. We are still making repairs inside where a squirrel got in and literally ate the grids off some of the windows.

The other home that sold is a 3 bedroom 2 bath vinyl sided home located at 21 Cottonwood Lane. This home was listed with another company and sold for the list price of $144,900 with the owner paying $2400 of buyers closing costs. Unlike the Oak Ridge house this house did not have lake frontage. This home sale should provide an excellent sales comp for future lakewood listings and sales.

The brick and wood sided home picture is the Oak Ridge home and the one story vinyl is the Cottonwood Lane home.

I expect the next sale (Juniper Circle) to close before week's end.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"New homeowners association at Lakewood"

In next couple of days I will place a link (on right side of this blog) to the original Lakewood building restrictions and covenants.

I would also like to post information about the new homeowners association that has been started. Any Lakewood resident/homeowner association member reading this, please call me with this information and I will see that it is posted here on this publication.

We are getting lots of readers of this lakewood blog which in turn should contribute to the demand and sales of Lakewood homes.

Monday, February 20, 2006

pictures of Lakewood homes sold or pending!!

The top picture is the home at 698 Oak Ridge that just closed last week. This home sold for $168,000 but was worth quite a bit more. The lake frontage for this home is over 200' and the lot size is 2.3 acres. I do not believe appraisers will give alot of weight to this sale as it sold so "low" in price.

The bottom left picture is the house at 60 Juniper Circle. This is the lowest priced home at Lakewood that is currently listed. This home is set to close in 2 weeks.

This last home (bottom right) is located at 785 Oak Ridge. This home has alot of water frontage also but needed lots of repairs inside. This home is being purchased by a Florida client who intends to lease this house out for a year or so until she moves here. This home is closing in next 10 days.

Friday, February 17, 2006

new blog for Lakewood Community!!

I have decided to devote an entirely new blog to what is happening in Lakewood. Let me update the sales and pending sales on our books. As I said in the market conditions blog, the house at 698 Oakridge is now sold and closed. We also mentioned a bigger home(also on Oakridge) is now under contract and set to close in the next two weeks. Both of these homes have been on the market for over a year and listed by multiple companies. The 698 Oakridge house was only listed with Carousel a few months and the other house was listed by 3 different realtors over a period of 2 years(never listed with Carousel). With all this said, let me reemphasize the apparent (new) demand for Lakewood homes with an emphasis on "lakefront"

Also, just got a contract on a home we listed about 3 weeks ago. This home is not "lakefront" and is located on Juniper Circle. The purchaser on this home is from Dyersburg and not part of the parade out of Florida.

Yesterday, I completed and mailed another 25 letters to lakewood owners asking them to list their home with Carousel. For all you Florida residents calling me and also reading my blogs, I am doing all I can to get more properties available for you. I know I have some Florida residents coming up at the end of next week and I plan to knock on some doors before you get here.

For all the lakewood residents reading my blogs for the first time, welcome. We do really need to discuss with you marketing and selling your properties and assisting you with your relocation.

I will return in a few days with an update on Lakewood!!!!!!