Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"New homeowners association at Lakewood"

In next couple of days I will place a link (on right side of this blog) to the original Lakewood building restrictions and covenants.

I would also like to post information about the new homeowners association that has been started. Any Lakewood resident/homeowner association member reading this, please call me with this information and I will see that it is posted here on this publication.

We are getting lots of readers of this lakewood blog which in turn should contribute to the demand and sales of Lakewood homes.

Monday, February 20, 2006

pictures of Lakewood homes sold or pending!!

The top picture is the home at 698 Oak Ridge that just closed last week. This home sold for $168,000 but was worth quite a bit more. The lake frontage for this home is over 200' and the lot size is 2.3 acres. I do not believe appraisers will give alot of weight to this sale as it sold so "low" in price.

The bottom left picture is the house at 60 Juniper Circle. This is the lowest priced home at Lakewood that is currently listed. This home is set to close in 2 weeks.

This last home (bottom right) is located at 785 Oak Ridge. This home has alot of water frontage also but needed lots of repairs inside. This home is being purchased by a Florida client who intends to lease this house out for a year or so until she moves here. This home is closing in next 10 days.

Friday, February 17, 2006

new blog for Lakewood Community!!

I have decided to devote an entirely new blog to what is happening in Lakewood. Let me update the sales and pending sales on our books. As I said in the market conditions blog, the house at 698 Oakridge is now sold and closed. We also mentioned a bigger home(also on Oakridge) is now under contract and set to close in the next two weeks. Both of these homes have been on the market for over a year and listed by multiple companies. The 698 Oakridge house was only listed with Carousel a few months and the other house was listed by 3 different realtors over a period of 2 years(never listed with Carousel). With all this said, let me reemphasize the apparent (new) demand for Lakewood homes with an emphasis on "lakefront"

Also, just got a contract on a home we listed about 3 weeks ago. This home is not "lakefront" and is located on Juniper Circle. The purchaser on this home is from Dyersburg and not part of the parade out of Florida.

Yesterday, I completed and mailed another 25 letters to lakewood owners asking them to list their home with Carousel. For all you Florida residents calling me and also reading my blogs, I am doing all I can to get more properties available for you. I know I have some Florida residents coming up at the end of next week and I plan to knock on some doors before you get here.

For all the lakewood residents reading my blogs for the first time, welcome. We do really need to discuss with you marketing and selling your properties and assisting you with your relocation.

I will return in a few days with an update on Lakewood!!!!!!