Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lakefront house wanted!!!

Today I had the opportunity to show a new client homes in and around Dyersburg. He originally is from Nashville and his wife from Crossville,Tennessee but they now reside and work in southern Alabama. We looked at several homes in "The Farms" and some out in the country. My client kept telling me he likes lakefront and his wife likes hills and mountains. The bells went off and we drove to Lakewood.

We drove around and looked at all the lakes and talked about what has sold recently.
After driving around several minutes in Lakewood, my client asked me to find he and his wife a lakefront home either at "The Farms" or in Lakewood. Currently, there is very little inventory of listed properties in either area. The Oak Ridge home that just sold would have been perfect for them. They are looking for living area of between 2500-3000' and they also want a basement. The other requirement is for a large kitchen and she would like double ovens.

My clients will return here in 30 days or less to look at additional homes I have found.If you live in Lakewood or at "The Farms" and your property is lakefront and you have been thinking of selling your home, this may well be your opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

I like thisLakewood blog very much and when I get ready to sell my lakefront home, I will definately call you.