Friday, July 14, 2006

Lurking, fishing and lunkers!!!!

I would encourage you Lakewood residents to click on the comments tab and tell all the readers about living at Lakewood. I especially want to hear about your fishing experiences. When you click on the comments tab and leave your comment, it will come to me first to approve before it hits the blog. The reason for this is weirdo's will post trash in the comments section. I really want to know what it is like living in the Lakewood Community. Also, there are lots of readers who also want to hear from you residents.

I took a rather extensive online e-PRO class that had forums for the students to enter in information helpful to the other students. Many of us were lurkers(just readers only). Why was I was afraid to post my comments? I believe it was because this was new territory for me.

On line blogs are new territory for many of you. Please post any information that will be informative to our readers. Not only are people in Dyersburg Tennessee reading this blog but people across the country are also reading. When someone in Florida gets on MSN search engine and types in Tennessee Lakefront properties, our blog comes up #1.

I am planning on visiting some of my lakewood friends in the morning and see if I can catch a lunker bass or catfish. If they are not biting, I know where there is a bream bed full of big bluegill.

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