Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My client missed 100 Oak Ridge house!!

Three weeks ago I was showing my Texas clients the home at 100 Oak Ridge in Lakewood(near Dyersburg,Tennessee). Their comments told me they really liked the house. They also discussed putting an offer on the house but decided this was their second pick. We did put an offer on another house(not in Lakewood) and negotiated a contract near the same price that the Oak Ridge house just closed at.
About a week ago we got a call from the listing agent that the seller has changed his mind about selling. My clients could continue to pursue this house but I believe they are ready to find another home. One of the first places we looked was in lakewood so I know they like the area.

Their price range is from $275,000 to $325,000. They are looking for 3-4 bedrooms and need an office and also a game room. The living square feet needs to be above 3000'. The husband really needs some kind of outbuilding or shop or at least have room to build one on the property.

They would like to be in a Dyersburg area or Lakewood home by the end of January. Now would be an excellent time to sell your home to this couple. I look forward to hearing from you homeowners who want to sell your home to this family. Call me asap on my cell phone 589-7841

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