Friday, July 02, 2010

Waterfront Lot For Lakewood Client

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a client requesting a nice building lot on the water. Two different lot owners at Lakewood have contacted me about selling this client their lot.

I called my client this morning to discuss both of these options for him but he is unsure if he will relocate to west Tennessee or east Tennessee. I did give him all the information both of these lot owners provided me.

Let me share their information here in case others are looking for a lot on the water in Lakewood.

The first lot owner actually owns 2 joining lots which are on one of the smaller lakes. They are 1 acre each for a total of 2 acres. The price for both will be somewhere around $60,000. These two lots together have lots of lake frontage.

The second lot owner called me this morning while I was at McDonalds. He purchased a nice lot on the largest lake in Lakewood and did extensive work on it. He even dug a basement and dug and poured a concrete footer. He has the house plan available that he was planning to build on this lot. This lot is also on the water and all work such as locating fill lines, etc. has been completed. He told me this lot could be purchased "right". The reason for him selling is because he purchased a Lakewood foreclosure and fixed it up and moved into it.

If you have an interest in building your dream home on the water at Lakewood, then contact me about these two options. My cell phone number is 731-589-7841