Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lakewood lakefront lot wanted and search engines!

I have a family wanting to relocate here from Lakeland,Tennessee. Their request to me is to find them a nice wooded lakefront lot at lakewood. They plan to build a home sometime in the next couple of years. I have begun the search but if you are a land owner at lakewood and want to sell your lot, now is your opportunity!

We are also getting requests for lakefront homes in the Dyersburg area. If you are considering selling your lakefront home at Lakewood, call me and let me run the numbers and show you how much your property has appreciated.

I would also like to share with my lakewood property owners the reason for my success selling properties in lakewood. For the search term Tennessee lakefront properties this blog comes up #1 on MSN, #1 on Yahoo, #4 on Google. When someone searches under a more specific search term such as Dyersburg Tennessee lakefront properties, this blog comes up number 1 on all the search engines.

Mike Frazier
toll free 800-896-8016