Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Listed Lots at lakewood!!

I want to discuss available listed lots at Lakewood. After an extensive search , I would like to list here from best to worse(my opinion as to the best value,buildability and suitability) of each lot. I will be giving the street that the lots are on and the map and parcel number. If you want to see the plat map for a particuliar lot, please call me or e-mail me and I will scan the plat map into an e-mail to you.

1. best listed lot available- Redwood Drive 1 acre listed at $19,900 map 062 parcel 24.66
2. next best listed lot available- OakRidge Ext 1 acre listed at $19,900 map 062 parcel 25.42
3. 3rd best lot available- Elm Lane(across street from our close friends (Wrights) 1 acre listed at $18,500 map 062 parcel 25.66
4. 1.83 acres on OakRidge(next to 698 OakRidge) $12,500 map 062 parcel 24.43
5. 1.2 acres on Beech Circle listed at $18,000 map 062 parcel 25.32

There may be another lot or so listed that I may have missed but these are my top picks.

I have also located a few unlisted lots that may also be available.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike-
Thanks for the info. you posted.I am very interested in lakefront properties.Please e-mail me with any info. or updates on your area.Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon.
Dave Hurt

mike frazier said...


Please e-mail me with your e-mail address. You can get my e-mail address from my profile or get my blackberry e-mail address from my last post on the blog.