Wednesday, January 24, 2007

lakefront property in Dyer County

As much as I would like to reserve my writings here to Lakewood, I feel an obligation to my readers to discuss all available lakefront properties in our area of West Tennessee.

At the present time there are only 2 properties for sale at Lakewood(that we have already mentioned) that have not changed in status or price. There is however, a property I previewed yesterday that we need to discuss.

I have included on this posting a picture of the front of the house and a picture taken right behind the house. Right across the road(in front of this house ) is a 2-3 acre lake. So, you have a waterview in front and in the rear of the house. The lake in back of the house is part of this property and it is loaded with hugh catfish. I am not sure of the fish in the lake across the road.

This is a 3 Bedroom, 2 full and 2 half baths home on 5.5 acres. It has approximately 2300' of heated area and a 2 car garage attached to the house(by breezeway). There is also a separate outbuilding/wired shop. This is one beautiful piece of property and it is priced at $249,900. This property is located in the county and is about 15 minutes from Dyersburg,Tennessee.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Historical bridge located at Lakewood

While looking for pictures of the Dyersburg area, I ran across a picture and story about the old Lenox bridge which was moved to Lakewood. I can remember as a child crossing this old bridge and I thought our readers would enjoy a history lesson about this relic; I know I did. I will put a link to this picture and story over on the right entitled:
"Lenox bridge at Lakewood"

Friday, January 12, 2007

new lakefront or riverfront client

I have an Arizona customer that called yesterday looking for riverfront property. I told him we do not have much riverfront property here in west Tennessee. I told him that we do sell lakefront properties here in the Dyersburg Tennessee area. What he is looking for is either a house already constructed or land that is waterfront without close neighbors.

If any of you lakewood residents are reading this and you do have a desire to sell your property, please let me know asap. This customer has sold his home and is staying here in the west Tennessee area with relatives so I call him a motivated buyer!

If any of you realtors from middle or east Tennessee are reading this and you have riverfront property, please call me asap. this customer said anywhere in Tennessee would be ok as long as he loves the view of the water. My toll free number is 800-896-8016. (Mike Frazier)