Tuesday, June 20, 2006

lots available at Lakewood!!

In the next few days, I am going to post information about several lots at lakewood that are available to purchase. I found many of these while researching lots for one of my clients.

While the sale of homes at Lakewood has taken off, the sale of lots is still almost non existent for (I believe) 2 reasons. One, when the lots were purchased, the appraised value was high and the purchase price was also relatively high. For instance, a 1.5 acre lot would have been valued at $22,500 amd purchased for $21,900. That same lot today, if listed would probable sell for $16,000. The difference in those values would mainly be attributed to the cost of removing large trees from the property to get lot ready to build on. The second reason the lots are not selling is because(already alluded to) the lots are grown up and people can not see the "real lot" behind all the brush, undergrowth, and trees.

There is still some very nice lots remaining at Lakewood but most if not all will require alot of work cleaning up(and removing very large trees).

For you Florida people looking to relocate to waterfront property here in northwest Tennessee, come up here and let me show you these lots and introduce you to some contractors/builders that can in turn tell you the cost to get the lots ready to build on. Then let's purchase the lot and get your builder started on construction. Go home and put your property on the market and move up here into your "new lakefront home" !!!!

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