Monday, September 11, 2006

fishing at Lakewood

The small lake I fish in at Lakewood just had alot of fish die. If I am not mistaken, that is called turning over where there is not enough oxygen getting into the water. I believe this is caused by the lake being so small and not much fresh water getting into lake except rain runoff.

If any of the lakewood residents are reading this, would you please click on the comments and tell us if this has happened before and what exactly happened. Or if any of our other readers can shed some light on this please do. I will have to moderate the comments(this means I will just have to approve them as a lot of nuts try to put garbage in the comments)

I know the lake has had lots of moss on the top of the water over a large part of the lake and I am sure this also contributed to the "turning over". I have not noticed any of the other lakes out there doing this. Hopefully there are alot more fish left to fish for in this lake. I believe I will practice catch and release for awhile.

There are lots of beautiful Tennessee lakefront properties in Lakewood and I am proud to tell our readers about the area and what is going on.

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