Wednesday, June 14, 2006

people,clients and lots

Hello all,

I got a call yesterday to meet some clients at Lakewood to look at lots. I have a lot listed on
OakRidge near the house I just sold at 698 OakRidge. We also looked at an unlisted lot down the street right beside the Nichols family. This is the first time I have met this very nice couple. The Nichols were very cordial and helpful with information.

We then left and looked at another lot on Redwood Lane. They are trying to decide between the lot near 698 OakRidge and the lot on Redwood.

If any of you Lakewood(lot only) owners are reading this and want to sell your lot, please call me asap.

Also, I worked with a new client on Sunday who would have bought at Lakewood if we could have found a nice home for sale in Lakewood. The pickings are slim right now in Lakewood!!
Anyway, I sold this client a home in another part of the county.

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